A cryptocurrency investment simulator platform

Helping investors manage cryptocurrency portfolios aiming to shoot to the moon....

Test crypto investing strategies, earn prizes, income and referral fees

A crypto simulator platform allowing cryptocurrency investors to test investment strategies and compare their porfolio results to the crowd.

Portfolio owners can then earn income through subscription fees, prizes, referrals.

The Platform

We understand how hard it is to pick crypto winners and that very few cryptos will shoot to the moon. We aim to empower cryptocurrency investors with the right investment information, allowing them to reduce risk and increase investment return.

The Cointora investment simulator platform is made up of 3 components that help provide a holistic approach to investing in cryptocurrency.

Crypto Investment Simulator

  • Mock invest in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies
  • Real buy/sell prices from global exchanges
  • Compare portfolios between users

Cointora Index Portfolio

  • Index portfolio of the top 20 cryptocurrencies
  • Benchmark Index to compare portfolios
  • Rebalanced fortnightly in relation to the top 20 market caps

Crypto Investment Tools

  • Follow high performing crypto portfolios
  • Subscribe to live buy/sell trading tips
  • Receive the latest cryptocurrency news

Earn Income

Crypto investing should be profitable but also fun. We’ve gamified the process of testing cryptocurrency strategies allowing you to compete against our community of users. We reward platform users via prizes, referralls and subscription income through giving away our TORA cryptocurrency which can then be sold for Ethereum

Portfolio Subscription Fees
Set a weekly fee so people can subscribe to your buy/sell tips
The Highest Portolio Returns
Earn income when your portfolio performs well
Outperforming the Cointora Index Portfolio
Beat our Index and receive income
Staking TORA Tokens
Receive income for holding tokens
Participate in Cointora Competitons
Promote Cointora and earn income
Referring Users to the Platform
Refer users to the platform and earn income

Crypto Index

The Cointora Crypto Index provides a benchmark crypto return that all portfolios within the platform are measured against. Basically, the Index highlights whether the investment strategies being deployed within a portfolio are justified beyond an investment in an Index portfolio.

Each month we will reward portfolio owners with TORA tokens if their portfolio’s outperform the Cointora Index Portfolio.

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