Earn Income

Crypto investing should be profitable but also fun. We’ve gamified the process of testing cryptocurrency strategies allowing you to compete against our community of users. We reward platform users via prizes, referralls and subscription income through giving away our TORA cryptocurrency which can then be sold for Ethereum

Portfolio Subscription Fees
As a portfolio owner you can set a weekly subscription fee for platform users to pay to receive you real-time buy/sell crypto trades. You will then receive 80% of the subscription fee in TORA tokens.
The Highest Portolio Returns
There will be monthly prizes for those portfolios that achieve the highest returs across various investment categories. The monthly prices willy be in the form of TORA tokens.
Outperforming the Cointora Index Portfolio
Each month for all platform users who have a portfolio that outperforms the Cointora Index Portfolio will receive TORA tokens.
Staking TORA Tokens
If you store a minimum of 100 TORA in the platform or in your digital wallet then you will receive TORA tokens every 30 days. The amount of tokens you will receive will be equivalent to 1% of the amount of TORA you are staking. le 1 TORA for every 100 TORA staked.
Participate in Cointora Competitons
On a monthly basis we will run social media promotions around the Cointora platform. By participating in these promotions you will receive TORA tokens.
Referring Users to the Platform
For every user you refer to the platform you will receive 4% of the subscription fees they earn and 1% of any purchasers they make. You'll also receive 1% of the subscription fees earned by any users the people you referred have reffered to the platform.