Most Popular Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

admin,March 6, 2018

With the ever increasing popularity in online trading in cryptocurrencies the focus on security has arisen. There are many ways to keep your currency safe and Hardware Wallets are one of the safest and more popular decisions to make .

Why would you consider choosing  a Hardware Wallet?

Owning a hardware wallet will give you the piece of mind that all your cryptocurrencies are safe and readily available. The wallet is the best way to store your currency without exposure of your access to criminals. Most devised may be purchased online with little effort and will be delivered in a matter of days.

All major cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin Dash, can also be stored in wallet. Keeping all of the users’ money safe and protected in one place. Hardware wallets boast a great confidence as there have been no recorded hacks in the past.

Why you can always trust a Hardware Wallet?

  • Your private code keys are stored securely in the device and cannot be seen in text by any outside parties.
  • Wallets need personal confirmation of transactions and if the device is not held there can be no access.
  • Computer viruses cannot access the hardware device.
  • These devices software is open sourced so can be verified easily.

Why having a Private Key benefits you?

Private keys are used to communicate on unsecure platforms so that access is not readily available to your data.

Keys have a dual purpose they assist to encrypt and decrypt. The client is the only one with a key code. Your public code can be used to receive messages from outside sources and you use your private key to unravel and decode those messages.

What is the best security process for my wallet?

  • Computer secured.
  • Maintain a firewall and strong password.
  • Use varying address for different transactions.
  • Configure multi keys.

Here are a few examples of available devices:

The Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular wallets for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Your coins are stored and transacted within the device. You can check and confirm your transactions on the screen built into the device. Due to the only access to coins being on the device your coins are safe and secure.

The Trezor bitcoin wallet is one for the less technical user with more basic applications as well as being able to function on a system that may be infected by Malware. Trezor Supports: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum.

KeepKey is a USB platform hardware device the user is required to access and authorize every single transaction separately. The wallet collaborates with any wallet software by managing key generation, deal signing, and private key storing.

OpenDime is the first bitcoin stick. Small USB stick that allows you to spend your bitcoin in the way of a normally paper currency like dollars. The device can be passed along several times. It can easily be connected to any USB port for quick checking and opened up for online spending. The device is small and can be easily plugged into computer. Due to size memory is limited so will contain a link to browser. Once file is dropped as per request the device will automatically open up and create keys.

The CoolWallet is a 100 percent flexible offline wallet, it works on an OTP system and resembles a Credit Card in looks. Even if your network is unstable and vulnerable, the keys will never be available to outside parties. Cool wallet currently only for Bitcoin.