What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

admin,May 17, 2018

BAT – Basic Attention Token, is a blockchain based digital advertising token on the  Ethereum platform. BAT is an important element for ad exchange between publishers, advertisers, and users in a fair and decentralized system, more specifically, BAT is designed to transform a whole digital advertising.

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Why is BAT important?


Internet user traffic is increasing significantly and as are web visits. Advertisers haven’t failed to take notice of this increase as it’s presents a great opportunity to place ads. Some companies or website owners are now selling ad space on their websites, or creating an ad as a greeting, welcoming the visitor to the website. Mostly however the ads don’t suit the visitor’s interest.


BAT will control and manage the ads which will be viewed to the user based on their interest and protect them from a malicious ad, fraud, or trackers. Users can block ads completely or pay to see a different ad, or view an ad and get paid by a BAT token. It’s a win-win solution for all partie; users, publishers, and advertisers.


How does BAT work?

BAT issues and distributes their tokens for free exchange between the publishers, advertisers, and users. Using the BAT tokens, the user will be protected and rewarded while the advertiser will have a better conversion and higher yield for the publisher. The user gets paid by the tokens after watching ads, the publisher receives ad revenue directly, and the advertiser can spend their marketing budget more efficiently and have more accurate data to analyze. This system will only work well in the BAT browser, which is called Brave.


This Brave browser will track the user’s attention while watching the advertisement and the information will be saved anonymously. The data will then be saved in your Brave browser – not with the middlemen – so your privacy and data are in your own control, then BAT machine learning algorithms will match your data with relevant ads, without knowing or having it tied to your identity.


BAT gives the measurements for each ad with the name Value Attention. This value will become the main indicator of the machine learning to search up the advertisement the user wants to see, leaving both users and advertisers happy with the final outcome.

Basic Attention TextOverall, BAT gives the best solution for each party -user, advertiser, and publisher- in the digital advertising arena. However, this system only works in the Brave platform and is not supported on any of the popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Mozilla, etc.

It is predicted to be available in the coming months and to a year.