What is LUXcoin?

admin,May 24, 2018


In our previous article, we discussed BAT (Basic Attention Token) which is a blockchain in digital advertising, and today we will share with you another blockchain product, Luxcoin!


LuxCoin (LUX) is a blockchain token focused on enterprise consumer. LUX (which means Light in Latin) was launched in October 2017. Although LuxCoin is a newcomer in the market, the variety of innovative features which LuxCoin offers attracts many people.  This LUX token is a compatible token on the Ethereum Blockchain which is traded under $600,000 daily.


Luxcore, the blockchain solution and the ecosystem behind LuxCoin, have a goal to create an environment which overcomes the gap between high-grade security and privacy blockchain products, the massive enterprise-level market, and average consumers. LuxCoin is designed to merge governments, institutions, and individuals under one roof, while LuxGate and Parallel Masternodes produce a closed source enterprise-consumer focused product.


A little introduction about Parallel Masternodes and LuxGate

Parallel Masternodes’s technology focuses on addressing the reliability and security needs of institutions and enterprises. Users are allowed to create third-party applications on top of the blockchain. However, this feature will only be available to verified government agencies and enterprises in order to reduce the potential for any malicious players. All wallets and transactions on the Parallel Masternodes (PMN) are encrypted.


Luxcore uses LuxGate, a technology that will allow proven blockchains to communicate with each other, creating a constructive bridge for various blockchains (such as BTC and ETH) to engage with each other in a variety of ways. Luxcore has a strong chance to shake up traditional banking transaction systems since it has a potential to be the centralized organizations such as the banking institutions with the PMN private network.


LuxCoin Trading Information

LuxCoin didn’t publish its token on ICO, rather they did a “pre-mine” – they have mined 5% from the total supply.

To get the LuxCoin (buy, sell, trade) token, here is the list of LuxCoin exchanges:

  1. Crytopia
  2. CryptoBridge
  3. YoBit


And here is the YTD graph of LuxCoin until April 2018:


luxcoin price to BTC


LuxCoin, and also LuxCore are promising cryptocurrency with interesting features which have a good team of developers who work hard for their projects.